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Tesla’s Next-Gen Batteries Can Last Even After 1 Million Miles Of Drive

Tesla R&D team has been able to significantly enhance the capacity of battery cells used in the electric vehicles. The team said that the battery cell could impel the vehicle up to one million miles. This commercialization of such batteries could revolutionize the robotaxi sector.

For so long, Tesla was trying to serve this quite beneficial feature to market. At the Tesla Autonomy Event held on April 2019, Tesla founder Elon Musk discussed the financial considerations of the company’s robotaxis fleet. He said that the effectiveness of robotaxi business would rely on the vehicles’ durability.

Tesla researchers—Jeff Dahn and his colleagues—are engaged in improving battery efficiency. In recently conducted experiments, Tesla modified battery cell performed impressively. According to anonymous resources, the team is expecting that the new battery can attain the title of Tesla’s million-mile battery.

The new Li-Ion battery is composed of advanced electrolyte and a cathode in the form of single NMC crystal. The researchers have checked the battery performance under diverse conditions and multiple times and found that the performance of the battery could be pushed to 6,000 cycles under optimum conditions, and the vehicle would be easily driven to more than 1 million miles.

On a related note, Volkswagen Group has been working hard to become the leading electric vehicle producer in the world. The German automaker has anticipated that it would require EV batteries in bulk (up to 150 GWh per year by 2025) only for the European market. To keep hold on battery cost in the coming years, the automaker has expanded the supplier portfolio.

The New York Times reported that the cost automaker is being charged less than $100 for one kWh of battery capacity, according to unofficial information gathered from Volkswagen executives. The company is aiming to further cut the battery purchase cost for which it has planned to join forces with Northvolt to manufacture cells in Germany. The automaker would probably start manufacturing its batteries in 2023.

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