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Older Generation Is Found Be More Glued To Antidepressants

In the present century, the older generation is found to fall prey to depression. The number of antidepressants being prescribed by the doctors is found to be higher among the elderly group compared to the younger. From the past 20 Years, the antidepressant prescription in the older group seems to have only doubled. According to the researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA), their study has shown around 15,000 over-65s in Wales and England to have consumed antidepressants right from 1990 to 2011 as a part of the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies. The researchers found the symptoms of depression like low in mood, energy, enjoyment, or interest to be ignored by the people.

The depression is the basic cause for these medications being prescribed on a large scale and thus, it is first important to try out therapies rather than relying on just medications. The depression is also a reason behind the occurrence of dementia in the aged groups. There are chances that antidepressants can cause potential adverse effects on users. The medical professionals need to consider early diagnosis of depression as a primary step to avoid any further health complications. The older generation is found to fall prey to depression as a result of various factors like no attention, poor understanding, age acceptance, and others.

Parallelly, as per Professor Jesse Stewart from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, their team has been trying to understand the link between depression and heart health. It has been found that people with depression tend to have higher inflammation response and this causes the blood vessels to harden & plaques to build up in arteries followed by a heart attack or stroke. Thus, it is important to treat depressed people on a primary basis to avoid any future complications regarding cardiovascular wellbeing.

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