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E-Liquids Linked To Some Lung Inflammation In New Vaping Study

New research proposes that vaping e-liquids, particular glycerin and propylene glycol, might result in some lung inflammation. However, more study is required to conclude just how much inflammation might ensue over an extended time period. The research discovered that in individuals who had never smoked, following the use of e-cigarettes just two times every day for a month, propylene glycol levels within their system was associated with alteration in inflammatory cell counts within their lungs, even though the magnitude of alterations was small.

The research is the “foremost experimental depiction” of the effect that e-cigarette use might have on inflammation in lungs, said the scientists. At the same time, the research has issued a spate of lung injury linked to e-cigarette use is sweeping the US and, at present, under federal study—but the research has no direct link with the outbreak.

Particular components of e-liquids utilized in e-cigarettes—vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol—that are carriers for flavors and nicotine in e-liquids were examined in the study. Between the e-cigarette group and control group, the scientists discovered no noteworthy variances in the levels of proteins and inflammatory cells in the lungs of the adults. Nevertheless, when looking precisely at the adults’ lungs in the e-cigarette group, the scientists discovered a link between the propylene glycol amount they gasped and the inflammatory cells’ concentration in their lungs.

Likewise, dentists are cautioning it can harm your teeth. Though vaping has been hyped as a harmless substitute for smoking, dentists might have a different opinion. The team said the cause vaping is not good for your mouth is “the nicotine quantity within a vaping cartridge is very high compared to that in cigarettes.” They said, “That can lead to damage. They are recognized to cause dry mouth, and in turn, cavities. However, it gets worse. It can result in gum disease that has severe consequences.”

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