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Vegan Ice Cream’s Rebranding Employs Total Plant-Based Packaging

Coconut Bliss is into the manufacturing of dairy-free ice creams even before the entry of plant-based foods in the retail markets. In 2005, the company introduced coconut-milk-based ice cream products such as ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream bars, and ice cream in pints. While all these products are certified gluten- and vegan-free, they have also obtained certification from the USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project.

The firm considered a change in its traditional packaging and branding because of the current rivalry for the plant-based, dairy-free customers. Darcey Howard, Coconut Bliss’s Director of Marketing, stated, “We wanted to reinstate our expertise in the category with authority for dedicated customers and form ‘shelf pop’ for additional audiences.” Howard added that Revolution Design Group has taken the responsibility of the redesign, which includes sourcing indicators, adding flavor cues, and cooking inspirations & reproduction of the finest quality of the firm’s products. She said, “The advanced packaging was designed to visually replicate the first-rate ingredients and exciting, rich taste of all Coconut Bliss products.”

Howard stated that in the latest logo, the firm maintained its previous “signature bindi shape,” enlarged the prominence of the words Coconut Bliss, made simplifications to its graphics. The firm has also employed a solid-gold background to indicate the brand’s first-class status. Howard stated, “The aim was to push ourselves to produce a consistent new design signifying the purpose, passion, and taste of Coconut Bliss that has made the firm predominant in the plant-based sector.”

On a similar note, Butter & Cream—a native seller and bakeshop from Atlanta famous for the handcrafted, small-batch high-quality ice cream—recently announced its first-ever major launch. Reportedly, this launch includes the addition of about 11 brand-new homemade flavors that are made using the freshest spice-based as well as exceptionally sweet ingredients.

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