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The U.S. Army Is SpaceX’s Potential Client For Starship And Starlink

In an effort to advance the force and improve the military procurement process, the U.S. Army leaders and Gwynne Shotwell, Chief Operating Officer & President of SpaceX, recently came together on a panel.

While speaking on the concluding day of the Association of the U.S. Army’s yearly conference, Shotwell stated, “SpaceX is new to this service and this forum.” Moreover, while offering additional information on the earlier work of SpaceX, she stated that the construction of inexpensive and dependable “transportation systems” is the main motive of the firm. Moreover, while talking with SpaceNews, Shotwell stated that SpaceX considers the Army as its future client for its low Earth orbit broadband constellation Starlink and for its advanced Starship space vehicle. Though she avoided offering additional information on this topic, she stated, “We are in discussion with the Army about Starship and Starlink.”

Taking cargo and crew to the Moon, the Earth orbit, and Mars is the key function of Starship, which is a reusable transportation system. Though the Army is not involved in sending crews to the space or launching huge satellites, Starship can be employed by it in the transportation between two points on the Earth, such as the delivery of cargo to any place of the globe in just a few minutes. Previously, such type of work was completed by SpaceX for the U.S. Air Force. While Shotwell did not put forth any statements about Starlink in the panel discussion, it is a known fact that SpaceX intends to get a contract from the U.S. military for its latest and huge broadband constellation.

On a similar note, Elon Musk, SpaceX’s CEO, recently stated on Twitter that “finding sources of carbon while completing the Starship’s refueling process on the Moon is a huge challenge.” This statement by the CEO denotes his awareness that using a Moon base as a refueling station can become a potentially critical issue in the firm’s strategy. However, he is positive about the company’s plans as he believes that if the Moon surface is dug deep enough, there is a possibility to get carbon required to produce fuel.

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