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Fashion Start-Up Zilingo Plans A Program To Train Indonesian Women

In the recent time, Zilingo—Southeast Asian fashion start-up—stated that it is unveiling a program in Indonesia, where it will supply vocational training, microloans, and resources for women to operate their own garment production businesses. Those micro-businesses will get and fulfill small-scale clothing orders from fashion labels on Zilingo’s system. In turn, Zilingo will earn money by taking some part from every transaction. In 2015, Zilingo was established as an online marketplace on which independent lifestyle and fashion retailers can sell their apparel directly to clients.

Those retailers receive access to suppliers from places such as Bangladesh to buy their goods and Zilingo assists them with inventory management, customer service, and cross-border shipping. Zilingo charges commissions amid 10–20% to retailers. The program—SheWorkz—is planned to provide women with the resources and versatility to return to the workforce, as per Ankiti Bose—Zilingo’s Co-Founder and CEO. Bose said to CNBC, “One of the major issues that we have is just how a number of women are not in the workforce in Asia. And, there are many reasons for it, some are financial but many are social.” According to World Bank data, in Indonesia women made up at least 38.9% of the entire labor force in 2018, whilst their contribution rate was 52% than 82% for men.

Earlier, Zilingo was in news for raising $226 Million to expand Asia’s fashion supply chain. The e-commerce company publicized that it has collected a Series D round valued $226 Million to go after the prospect to digitalize Asia’s fashion supply network. This new round drives Zilingo to $308 Million from financiers ever since its launch in 2015. The Series D funding was provided by its current investors Singapore sovereign fund Temasek, Sequoia India, European Sofina, and Germany’s Burda.

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