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Planet Focuses To Present More Spectral Bands And Higher Resolution

In the recent Planet Explore—a conference in which all the partners, customers, data product end-users, and developers of Planet are involved—the firm announced that it is executing strong plans to present its clients 50-centimeter-resolution imagery from its SkySat constellation. At the same time, the announcement of updating of the Dove satellites used in collecting imagery in eight spectral bands was also done by the company executive.

Will Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder of Planet, stated that there was a requirement from the company clients for the superior resolution than present 72-centimeter-per-pixel imagery offered from Planet’s 15 SkySats constellation. He added that in an attempt to complete this requirement, the company is planning to advance its image processing and shifting the SkySats to a lower altitude. Moreover, Planet has already begun the testing on one satellite and shifted it to a lower orbit.

Marshall stated, “If everything goes as per the plans, we are planning to bring down all our 15 SkySat satellites to present not only sub-meter, rapid-refresh data, but also 50 centimeters. At 50 centimeters, one can begin to notice road markings and other elements that are critical for mapping and some other applications.” A group of Dove triple CubeSats is also on Planet’s current list of updates. Marshall stated, “I am excited to inform that we are moving to an eight-band system.” At present, the observation of about four spectral bands is carried out by PlanetScope, which is the firm’s 3-meter-resolution imagery collected by Doves.

On a similar note, recently NASA offered a grant of approximately $750,000 for a study that will assist in supervising the air quality of South Asian countries, thereby offering people from these countries the timely and precise air quality alerts. Reportedly, NASA’s latest grant named ROSES-19 (Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science) is valid for three years.

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