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Porsche Plans To Launch A New Version Of Taycan By 2020

Porsche has a new vehicle launched this week. The vehicle named Taycan 4S is the third version of its all-electric vehicle. The 4S is found to have a better battery performance and an exact copy of Porsche’s earlier Taycan that was unveiled in September. All the Taycans have similar chassis & suspension, lasting magnet synchronous motors, and other parts. However, the new version is found to be lighter and cost-effective. These high-end versions of Taycan were found to be a bit slower though. The automobile chain has always dreamt of making an advanced version of the Taycan. The German automaker had an investment of $1 Billion made on Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo as they are the most powerful versions of all-electric four-door sports cars ranging from $185,000 to $150,900.

The basic version itself costs $80,000 and it is the most commonly purchased model. The battery about 79.2 kWh and motors with 429 horsepower were put into the vehicle to make it faster, cheaper, and a better performer. The vehicle is expected to hit the US market in the spring of 2020. The customers will have to shell out $110,380 for the 4S models. The 4S model is, however, unable to stand up to the Turbo S. The power comes at a price. First, Porsche will target the North American market.

On a parallel note, Boeing and Porsche have signed a memorandum of cooperatively working together on the premium urban air mobility market. This has already been targeted by many like the Terrafugia, AeroMobil, and PAL-V. Both the companies are studying the market, manufacturing cost, feasibility, performance, durability, and other factors to have the best-flying vehicle hitting the market in the next few years. This concept can help reduce the traffic and accident problems that occur on the land surface.

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