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Nintendo Switch Sale Crosses 15 Million In North America

As Nintendo leads into a holiday season with both the Switch Lite and the OG Switch in brick and mortar stores, the firm is rejoicing 10 months of being the best selling console consecutively in the US, as per media. That is sufficient to surpass the milestone of 15 Million sales in North America, and just a week back Nintendo declared that the Switch sales are more than 10 million in Europe. Media reported in Japan previously this year that in spite of only being on sale for 2 Years, it is already sold more devices as compared to Sony’s PS4.

So yes, this is seeming just like one more good year for Nintendo, with sales up 20% in the US so far versus the last year.

On a related note, if you have been waiting to buy a Nintendo Switch, or wish to upgrade your current device, Amazon has a decent offer on the device. If you take benefit of an onsite coupon, you can receive a $24 discount on the device, making it $275, rather than $299. Note that the offer is applied at the time of checkout and that the version of device Amazon is selling is the upgraded one that sports a higher capacity battery, which considerably enhances battery life.

For example, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the new version has almost 5.5 Hours of playtime rather than three. Overall, Nintendo has claimed that the renovated version can save almost 9 hours of playtime in portable mode, relying on the title you chose.

$24 discount on the Switch is a modest offer, to be certain, but look at this way: with the money, you save you can purchase the outstanding Untitled Goose Game and still have some cash left. It is also worth highlighting out that the Switch hardly ever goes on sale.

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