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Walmart’s Discounted Program Will Prompt Fierce Competition Against Amazon

Walmart makes you feel hesitant to purchase any product from other e-commerce platforms, as the American multinational retailer has introduced a new limited program. Bloomberg has reported that Walmart intends to introduce limited period sales on the products offered by third-party merchants on its online retail platform. Walmart plans to support both merchants and customers under this program. So, it would provide the full listed amount to the merchants and offer the products at discounted prices to the customers by cutting the margins.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon conducted a similar discount-based program in 2017 before its holiday shopping season, in which the e-commerce behemoth offered the actual money listed by the sellers by slashing the margins. Almost two months back, Amazon introduced one more program, “Sold by Amazon,” during which the online retailer reduced the selling price of third-party products for bulk sales.

It isn’t sure if Walmart’s plan could snatch Amazon’s loyal customers and significantly affects its overall revenue. However, in this rivalry among the online retailers, customers will be declared as winners, grabbing the best deals these holidays.

On a related note, each day, nearly 300 million cyberattack attempts conducted on the China-based globally renowned e-commerce and tech giant, Alibaba Group, stated by the company’s Former Executive Chairman and Founder, Jack Ma.

Ma said that he was proud of the security systems that safeguard its payment platform, Alipay, where transactions worth $50 Billion are conducted each day. So far, hackers are not been able to steal “one cent” through the platform.

Andy Purdy—Huawei security chief—has reported that the tech company is subjected to nearly 1 million cyberattack attempts each day. Earlier this year, a sweeping cyberattack attempt was conducted on Alibaba, which jeopardized the tech giant to expose the private information of 20 million users on its e-commerce site, Taobao.

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