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A New Breast Cancer Vaccine Will Be Out In The Next 8 Years

Mayo Clinic is currently back in the news for all good reasons as it has a new vaccine that is proving fruitful. The researchers from the Mayo Clinic have moved a step closer to discovering the vaccine for cancer treatment, especially only certain types of cancers. A facility in Florida has been able to successfully remove breast cancer from a patient using the new vaccine. The vaccine was found to boost the immune system of the patient to help fight the cancer cells and inhibit the cells from proliferating. The attack on the cancer cells using this new technique was found to be more effective and free of side effects compared to the traditional radiation and prescription means.

The idea of training the immune system to intelligently differentiate between the cancerous or precancerous cells can help eliminate the cells even before they develop. Thus, the cancer cells can be stopped from spreading in the future through the use of this new mode of treatment. According to Dr. Amy Degnim, the use of a vaccine to fight breast cancer in the future can help save a lot of lives. In the US, around 268,000 women are found to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year as per the American Cancer Society’s report. In the next 8 years, the vaccine will be made available on a commercial basis.

On a similar note, the doctors have found themselves in hot soup due to the shortage of drugs to treat kids. A critical chemotherapy drug named vincristine is found to be short in supply and it is turning into a nightmare as it is the backbone of treatment for childhood cancers, including leukemias, lymphomas and brain tumors. The Children’s Oncology Group along with hospitals and cancer centers has warned the clinical trials to look for alternatives or have half the dose used as per the availability to overcome its scarcity.

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